Abbot Alarm Company is a full-service electronic security and fire
protection team, specializing in residential and commercial burglar and fire alarm systems. From the most basic home security installation, to the upgrade and monitoring of an existing system, to custom architect- or engineer-specified design-build fire detection and building management systems... Abbot Alarm Company keeps the Client's best interests (and total satisfaction!) in mind. From first Client contact to final acceptance and testing...

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Sound the Alarm #1: Install smoke detectors on every floor of your home and carbon monoxide detectors near sleeping areas. If already installed, test them! Tip: Replace the batteries every daylight-savings time change.

Sound the Alarm #2: Homes with monitored security systems are about 70% less likely to be targeted by an unauthorized intruder. AND... MONITORED SMOKE AND CARBON MONOXIDE SYSTEMS SAVE LIVES AND PROTECT PROPERTY!

Avoid Overload: Check for overloaded extension cords – usage should not exceed the recommended wattage.

Cover Outlets: Cover all unused outlets to prevent children from sticking a finger (or a knife or fork!) in the socket.

Plan Your Escape: Practice a fire escape plan with your family. Identify two exits from every room and what to do with young children during an emergency.

Light It Up: Lights in and around the house on randomized timers discourage would-be burglars. Timers are an inexpensive way to make your house appear occupied while you are away.

Bushy Is Good: Plant thorny, thick shrubbery under ground-level-accessible windows, especially in areas not easily visible from the street. Anything you can do to make it noisier and more physically difficult to enter your home is a smart practice!

Keep Extinguishers Handy: Place all-purpose fire extinguishers in key locations in your home – the kitchen, bedroom and basement. Be sure to check expiration dates regularly and know how to use them safely.

Create a Safe Exit: In addition to alarms and extinguishers, consider an escape ladder if your home has two floors. Keep emergency numbers and contacts readily available by the phone.

Look for UL: Look for the UL Mark when purchasing appliances, electronics and anything that plugs into an outlet. ALL EQUIPMENT AND DEVICES SOLD BY ABBOT ALARM ARE UL-LISTED FOR THEIR INTENDED PURPOSE!